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Article by Alicia Perez fcJ published in ABC Revista, June 2009

ABC Revista is a monthly magazine produced in Salta, Argentina. Alicia Perez was featured in the June edition when she contributed an article on science and religion.

The online version of her article can be accessed here:  

An English translation of the abstract reads: For many centuries and especially since the increasing scientific developments during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, faith and reason have been treated as opposing concepts, and any attempt to integrate them as a source of endless debate. Starting from the premise that God has given gifts such as intelligence and the ability to discover the mysteries of science, Maria Alicia Perez Abelleira, BA, PhD and Master in Computer Science (who is also a member of the Congregation of Sisters "Faithful Companions of Jesus") combines in her daily life these two concepts, so often seen as diametrically opposed.

To read the full article (in Spanish) click here.

Over 400 young people attended and seemed to enjoy very much the reflections and activities, in addition to adoration and Eucharist.

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