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First Profession of Yustin and Narni
Soropadan, Indonesia, September 10, 2005

Photo of the welcoming ceremony.The theme that we chose for our first profession was “Living in Love”, which was a reflection of our experience of being loved by God and of being called to love.  First Profession consists of three liturgies: the Welcoming Ceremony, the Mass of First Profession and the Missioning Ceremony.

Welcoming Ceremony
On Saturday, the 10th of September 2005 in Soropadan FCJ Community, we had the welcoming liturgy which was attended by all FCJ sisters from Soropadan and Baciro communities and two SSCC sisters who live with us. Sr. Rachel fcJ and Sr. Sisca fcJ prepared a beautiful liturgy with songs that we chose very specially for this occasion.  The reading for the ceremony was taken from John 15:915. It is about the call to love.

Sr. Barbara Brown-Graham FCJ, our provincial, admitted us as members of the FCJ Society. In her address, she shared on the theme of “Telling Our Story”, in which she told us briefly the history and the journey of the FCJ sisters in Indonesia, both those who are still living in Indonesia and those who are now living elsewhere. They came to Indonesia as Companions of Jesus and as followers of Marie Madeleine, our Foundress, They were all women on mission who they became the pioneers of our life here. And so today there are still women who are living the spirit of Marie Madeleine in Indonesia.

We were given candles to symbolize our being welcomed into the FCJ Society. Two FCJ sisters took the candles which were placed near the picture of Marie Madeleine and gave them to us. Then we placed the candles in our central sacred space to symbolize the offering of ourselves to God. We asked a blessing through the intercession of Mary, Our Lady, Mother and General Superior of our Society. We then danced a circle dance to the song In Love We Choose to Live. To conclude the ceremony we sang Joyful in Hope.

The Mass of First Profession
The Mass of First Profession was held on 11th September 2005 in Soropadan. The celebrant was Father Paul Suparno, SJ. The Mass was enlivened by the youth choir from our local basic community ‘Pringwulung I’, and some of our friends.

Photos of the two novices making vows and afterwards near the altar.

At the beginning of the ceremony, we walked to the altar with our parents. Then our parents handed us over to Sr. Barbara FCJ as the representative of the FCJ Society. At the profession of vows, Sr. Barbara who was delegated by Sr. Katherine Mary O’Flynn, received our vows. When Yustin made her vows, Sr. Margaret O’Donohue and Sr. Afra Primadiana acted as witnesses, while Sr. Maryrose Dennehy and Sr. Clare Hand were witnesses for Narni. Sr. Marion Dooley gave us the FCJ insignia and Sr. Agnes Samosir gave us the FCJ Constitutions.

The Mass went very well. The congregation consisted of FCJs, our family members, our close friends and the friends of FCJ communities. After the Mass, the guests congratulated us and we had lunch together. We had photos taken with the FCJs, our family and friends. The atmosphere was a joyful one.

Missioning Ceremony
Photo of Missioning Ceremony.The Missioning ceremony was held on Monday, the 12th September 2005. The liturgy began at 5 p.m. at Soropadan, and was attended by FCJs from both the Yogyakarta communities.

The reading for the ceremony was taken from John 20: 11-18. This is the story of Mary Magdalene who experiences the risen Jesus and is sent to proclaim the Good News. Mary Magdalene proclaims the Good News to the other disciples with zeal, enthusiasm and joy. Her readiness and willingness to proclaim the Good News invites us to be ready to be missioned by God through the Society and to go wherever we are sent.

Sr. Barbara read the missioning letter and gave it to us. We are sent to Baciro community and later we will join the new community we are going to establish in another part of Indonesia. Before reading the missioning letter, Sr. Barbara reminded us that as FCJs we are always on mission. Sometimes it is easy for us to say ‘yes’ to a big mission, but it is more difficult for us to respond to the small needs of our daily life, both in the community and in the place where we work.

After we were missioned, we received blessings from all members of the community which were written on a piece of ribbon. The blessings were read by Sr. Marion and Sr. Clare. Having read the blessings, Sr. Marion and Sr. Clare wrapped the ribbons around us. The missioning ceremony was concluded by the song ‘Berpadu Setia’ (Walking together faithfully FCJ).

We are very grateful for all the support and prayers of our FCJ sisters around the world. May God’s blessings be upon us all and enable us to live in love.

Narni FCJ and Yustin FCJ

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