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Writers' Corner

Listening to Women's Experience ... Paola Terroni, fcJ

The following is an excerpt from an article printed in The Way Supplement, 1998/93

Photo of Sr. Paola.When women come together they can experience a great liberation from the simple act of bonding and being enabled to support each other. This is what our sisters try to do, to accompany women as they come to believe in the value of quite small things, to consider the future of their communities in very ordinary practical ways. A great deal of patience with the situation and respect for each other is needed to allow something creative to emerge from what appears to be quite a messy reality. To impose a solution from the outside may bring about change, but unless the group can own it and it speaks to their experience, it will remain foreign and extraneous and at odds with the wisdom which resides within the group.

What we all - women and men - need is a very particular skill: the ability to capture what is going on in such situations, and to see how God is at work there. We have to learn to articulate that for ourselves. Only then will we be able to articulate it to others. In the listening and the sharing a new level of awareness comes about, an openness to God which means that we are prepared to put our insights into the melting pot with those of others in a desire for true discernment. In so doing we enable something new to emerge. This requires a high level of trust, however, because we cannot know the outcome in advance, nor can we control it.

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