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Lasses find life's duel purpose

SWASHBUCKLING seniors have swapped walking frames for fencing foils,
and carved themselves a new slice of life.

Two seniors with their duelling instructor.For the past six months, 12 residents at Catholic Homes Corpus Christi in Clayton have been studying fencing, with surprising results.

Led by 73-year-old instructor Joseph D'Onofrio, residents from 80 to 93 have embraced the physical and mental sides of swordplay.

"Almost every one of them now finds enjoyment in the fact they can stand up in the exercises and actually fence," Mr D'Onofrio said.

"Their enthusiasm is very, very humbling, because some of my young students are nowhere near as enthusiastic.

"They are getting self-confidence and they can actually stand up and do the proper fencing movements, whereas in the past they didn't even try to get off their chair.

Sr. Dolores Kirby, fcJ."But the major benefit is the mental acceptance that they might be old, but they are not out."

Sister Dolores Kirby, 93, said fencing kept her active. "It builds your confidence to be able to stand and defend yourself."

Lifestyle co-ordinator Patricia Boyd said people who normally used walking aids had developed confidence to put them down to fence.

"It has empowered the residents and brought them together," she said.

"Dolores, who is 93 and uses a walking stick, has learned to balance herself and trusts her movement, so the walking stick is now just there in case."

(From an article in the Herald Sun.)

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