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New School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada named after Mother Margaret Mary honours her and the FCJ Sisters for their commitment to Catholic education.

On the evening of May 14, at an Edmonton Catholic School Board public meeting, the names of 4 new schools to be built for opening in 2010-11 were announced.  After a very large response to a request for suggested names had been carefully weighed and sorted out, the 4 were chosen by the Board. 

We are greatly honoured to have a High School in SW Edmonton named

Mother Margaret Mary Catholic High School. 

The Council of Women Religious of the Archdiocese had put forward a slightly different version, Sister Margaret Mary FCJ, but the intent remains the same.  We are indeed honoured.  Sister Margaret Mary Hickey taught with the Catholic Schools in Edmonton for 50 years.  FCJs were the first teachers in the Catholic system in 1888.

Archbishop Emeritus McNeil phoned to congratulate us saying that at last the FCJ Sisters have been recognized by the Catholic School Board.  He added that it's been a long time coming and is well-deserved.

So, rejoice with us.  We will be informed when there is a sod-turning event, etc and will keep you posted. May all involved be truly blessed!

Poster announcing Mother Margaret Mary Catholic High School.Text of Poster

Celebrating our New School Names

Mother Margaret Mary Catholic High School, Grades 10-12 in Southwest Edmonton

Born Laura Hickey in 1890, Mother Margaret Mary became a member of the Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ) congregation in 1910. The FCJ Sisters were the first community of religious women who taught in Edmonton Catholic Schools, beginning in 1888. She studied in England and Belgium, but most importantly, she was the first female religious to attend the Universit of Alberta and the first to graduate with a Masters degree in 1916.

Mother Margaret Mary taught in Edmonton Catholic Schools for 50 years. She began her teaching career as the principal of St. Mary Boys and Girls School in 1911. When St. Mary became a Girls' High School in 1923, Mother Margaret Mary remained as prinicipal, thereby becoming the first woman high school administrator in the Edmonton Catholic School District. She remained in this position until 1954 when the school was amalgamated with St. Joseph High School, and she continued teaching from 1954 until her retirement in 1961.

Mother Margaret Mary was best known for her ability as a mathematics teacher, but her strong academic background and personal qualities of versatility and flexibility allowed her to teach almost any subject.

Representing not just herself but all the teaching members of the FCJ congregation, Mother Margaret Mary serves as an inspiration for young women and men alike to take on long-term leadership and service roles.

Mother Margaret Mary died in 1989, 11 days before her 100th birthday.


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