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An Easter Reflection by Sr. Katherine Mary O'Flynn

Little girl walking alongside a refugee camp.... Christ has overcome death forever...

Eldoret, Kenya

This little girl just kept going as we visited the Refugee Camps in Eldoret... clearly she was on a mission of carrying some things home to the tent and didn’t want to join the crowd who had gathered... There was something very poignant in her solitary walk...

Woman and child who live in the camp.



This woman also lives in the Refugee Camp. We were told that this woman could be at University but she does not now have the means to go because of the attacks of last year. She is also frightened of leaving her children because of the violence they have experienced.

Betty fcJ with some of her student teachers.Malakal - Sudan

Betty fcJ with some of her “Inservice” student teachers to whom she teaches English. Most of these tachers have had no formal training and many have lived through horrendous situations during the recent civil war. Some of the men walked to Ethiopia to escape the war.

Margaret fcJ teaching Maths.




Margaret fcJteaching Maths to student teachers. Margaret has managed to learn some Arabic since she went to Sudan and often ends up teaching Maths through Arabic! Southern Sudanese were forced to speak Arabic during the war.


Alongside a Refugee camp.Although 60 students are inscribed for “Inservice”, not all students turn up every day. Many are married and have other commitments. Many are not accustomed to daily school attendance.

Many people in Malakal still live in these simple homes. Cattle and donkeys wander the streets looking for scraps of food. Despite having oil and gold, Southern Sudan is still one of the poorest countries in Africa. Owing to the insecurity of war, crops have not been planted so there is little food produced locally.

I wonder what the Risen Jesus says to these people this Easter?

What is Jesus saying to me?

“Oh people, you shall not drown in your tears
But tears shall bathe your wounds.

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