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Beneath the Beat ... HipHop Music in Tarija, Bolivia

Heros De Pago, a 17 year old Bolivian boy, is intrigued with Hip-Hop music. He listens to this music and frequently asks for translations of various words and phrases.  He also has a long list of words that he wants to memorize and pronounce properly in English.

Heros De Pago’s mother died when he was three days old and he knows nothing of his father or any other relative.  He writes his own hip-hop words and in June 2009 had the opportunity to be recorded thanks to the Ignatian based radio station in Tarija, ACLO, and Sr. Silvana Toledo f.c.J. who knew people at the station. 

Pictures of Heros and recording his music.

His dream is to move to an English-speaking country and even better, to first be adopted by a family in the foreign country, and continue developing his musical talents.

(Contributed by Theresa Smith fcJ)

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