Section title text:  Who we are.


O colecţie de poezii cu teme diverse scrise de Surori FCJ ...

Mary O'Shannessy fcJ, Australia

A yellow sunbeam beckoned me
Before day turned to night,
The air was clear and magic
The sky was bright.
To westward, sheets of golden silk
Shimmered and glowed,
Luminous clouds hung on the sky,
Rippled and flowed.
I turned around, an urge to seek
The eastern sky,
An there, clear arched above the road
A rainbow high,
Both ends were anchored in the earth,
A perfect bow,
A blessing from the sky above
And earth below.
The colours radiated clear
Distinct, yet one.
A double arc crept into view;
The work was done.
Such scenes have happened here
Since time began
An arc with seven rungs –
Part of the plan
To lift our minds to cosmic truth
And draw us home
To love's embrace, the ancient goal –
No more to roam
A cosmic child, summoned to tell
All time and space
Earth speaks of star-dust images
Creator's face.


(on seeing California's Redwoods)

Shirley Majeau fcJ, Canada

Oh! you wondrous, gigantic,
stately beings!
You who have seen 900 years
a 1000, even 2000!
Oh you who saw the Star in the East
and expectantly awaited
the dawn of Mary's Son.
You, who have witnessed or counselled
thousands of creatures
Survived raging storms
earthquakes and fires,
You, who creatively look down
and benevolently contact
Those who in rapture look up
or circle short arms
that never meet
around your mighty stem.
What stories you tell
what mysteries reveal!
Oh you, who capture my wonder
feel my ecstasies
And know also of my anger
and distress
that some of us think
that we can possess
or worse,
destroy you in five minutes
or less.
Oh, great Redwoods,
Marvels of creation,
Touch our spirit with but part
of your grandeur and wisdom
Mend our minds!
Transform our hearts!


Madeleine Gregg fcJ, USA

as drops of water
falling softly onto stone
hitting with a gentle ping
carving channels
seeking the lowest

so God's Spirit
flowing out and down
transforming the rock of my heart

a miracle of patience.


Miriam Maher fcJ, England

Tom was dead
So tall so thin, so anxious
to please, to be approved of
His tentative smile a plea for love
Never a trace of malice, hatred or revenge
Towards life which had so ill-used him
Gifts lying dormant. Unrecognized
Failure writ large it seemed.
Constant expectation of others unfulfilled.
A man who remembered birthdays
Always wrote his thank you notes
Who shed his ill-fitting education
Totally - no trace. Left no legacy
Except the memory of love and innocence
And terrible misunderstanding.
At his grave his grandchildren wept inconsolably.
God opened His arms, tenderly received this son
To lead him joyfully without delay
To a place where there was only love
And peace and commendation.


Columba Finucane fcJ, Ireland

The jagged jags of lightning
tore the sky apart,
And ragged thunder ripped the frightened air.
thrashing in polluted spaces,
mocking the breakdown of order
in our grabbing hearts,
the cruelty of man-made law -
Till the great tears fell and fell
and tried to roll away the litter
from our beaches, our noisome streets,
the detritus of human passage.
The mourning rain not stopped
the day's long length,
till God remembered His rainbow promise
and made the world to glow.
Praise Him!


Agnes Samosir fcJ, Indonesia

Mulai runtuh
Ketika hati
Mulai tersentuh

Mulai merekah
Ketika mata hati
Mulai tergerak

Kuasa kasih
Kuasa kasih

(written in Indonesian)

Walls, walls
begin to fall
when hearts
are touched.

Faces, faces
Begin to light up
When the depths of hearts
Are moved.

The power of love
Breaks through.
The power of love
Brings together.

(translated into English)


Joan Cartlidge fcJ, Australia

I see them Lord
a myriad of faces
all made in your image and likeness
the faces of infants
innocent ...
helpless ...
trusting ...
... of such is the Kingdom ...
of youth,
challenging ...
changing ...
searching ...
of the oppressed, the marginalised,
the powerless.
the poor,
the black, the white,
the Indonesian, Filippino, Aboriginal
... sent to bring the Good News ...
of fcJ's
my companions,
mirroring to me
your image and likeness
striving for the 'magis'
'seeing you in all things,'
... for the greater service and glory of God.
All growing more and more
into the image of Him whom each desires
to imitate,
to reflect,
to make the centre of their lives.
All looked upon with eyes of
of seeing,
of love
All reflecting to me
the Face of Jesus.



Marilyn Matz fcJ, Canada

Sculpturer, wizard, reckless nomad
From the Southern world of comfort, you blast
with mighty storm, swelling
the sea to fury at our feet
Flinging stinging snow,
snarling at beached boats
Lusty wind, halting hunters in their path
making the sea belch up
debris and weeds

Within the hour ...within the calm of a tea-break...
you return to your Northern home
dragging mercury with you

Carefree artist dabbling in multi-media
Your song, rises in pitch as wires dance
and flag remnants whip
Using every leeside as potter's wheel
you sculpt snow in myriad
graceful curving shapes
With diamonds, crystal sparklers,
you design our hamlet's glittering frock
Ice gleams, emery-polished to turquoise sheen
Deftly you detail every footprint
and track in bas-relief

In frisky mood, you waft the gulls on their southern trek
and winter-long play 'lift and drop' with ravens' wings.

Ah yet -- you will demand, nay exact, respect
For if we let... in a flash... your flesh-eating
blackens faces and chews limbs -
And you become the great carnivore of the North.


Rachel Duffy fcJ, Indonesia

All peace
All wisdom
All joy
Is in recognising that we are clay.
We see no further than a horizon.
We understand no further than we may.
Yet in this clay,
Breathing, burning, playing, dancing,
The Everlasting Flame, contained,
Contains us.
Thus we magnify our Maker.


Theresa Shea fcJ, Canada

Blessed, grateful,
Sharing, caring, daring,
Open to the future,


Jeanne-Marie de Corlieu fcJ, France

Ô Père, Tu es la vraie Vigne
Youkaida! youkaida!
Et nous sommes les sarments
Des sarments noueux et tordus

Pardon, pardon d'oublier
Youkaidi, Youkaida
Que la sève que coule en nous,
Vient de Toi, de Toi seulement!

Et pourtant, Tu compte sur nous
Youkaidi, Youkaida,
Pour être les porte-fruits,
Dans immense Vigne du Père.

Tous ensemble, fruits, sarmants,
Youkaidi, youkaida
A la gloire du Vigneron
Acceptons de Lui la Taille!

Ne faisant qu'un avec Toi,
Youkaidi, youkaida,
Entendant a l'infini
La vraie Vigne de notre Père.

Să am acest nume, Însoţitoare Credincioase ale lui Isus,
          aş da totul,
                    tot ce sunt ...     (Marie Madeleine)