What is a General Chapter? Why do we have one?

God's grace has been offered abundantly to our Society throughout its history and we have come to appreciate in a very real and profound manner the gift of our charism as we are called and missioned to be Faithful Companions of Jesus. We respond to this call in the context of a rapidly changing world.

Our own lives as Faithful Companions of Jesus have also undergone significant growth and development, some of which has come about through deliberate planning and choices. Some change occurred simply because we are creatures on this planet at this time.

Change, growth and development demand constant discernment which we do in a special way through the experience of a general chapter. We ask ourselves:

How can we as a Society continue to release the energy of our charism to realize God's desires for all?

An Anniversary Year ... a doorway to a place yet unknown

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This General Chapter is taking place in the 150th anniversary year of the death of Marie Madeleine in France, the place of her birth. Standing with her at an open door and grateful for all that has been, we recognize that God is calling us forward to a new place, inviting us to go through the doorway to a place which is yet unknown.

We wish to respond to that invitation, attentive to the wisdom of the Spirit as we discern what God is asking of us today. As always, we trust in God's fidelity and rely on the prayerful support of all who read this.

Le Bon Dieu a tout conduit lui-même ... Marie Madeleine