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Remembering Beginnings:
FCJ Day of Pilgrimage in Australia
25 November, 2006

On this day of pilgrimage a group of FCJ Sisters and Companions in Mission gathered to remember with joy the places where FCJ sisters have served since 1882. They recalled in prayer, reflection, song and story the courage, confidence and vision of these women who responded generously to the needs of the times.

The pilgrims began their journey with a pilgrimage prayer near the grotto at Genazzano and then made their way to Port Melbourne/ Sandridge, where twelve FCJs first stepped on to Australian soil on 1st June 1882 after a 42-day sea journey.  From Port Melbourne, the pilgrims viewed Williamstown across the bay where St. Mary’s was opened in 1897. Then the group assembled outside St Patrick’s Cathedral where the founding sisters prayed en route to Richmond.

St. Ignatius Primary School and Vaucluse College were remembered with gratitude.  Following a walk to St Stanislaus Church, Richmond they set out by car to Genazzano, Kew sharing brief histories of Hawthorn, Camberwell, Genazzano, Sacred Heart, Deepdene, Benalla, Healesville, Frankston, Langwarrin and St. Raphael’s Nursing Home. 

The pilgrimage ended at Genazzano with the closing prayer for the FCJ Year of Reconciliation, Mass and a barbeque.  No doubt a line from the song:  “I am standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before me …” stayed with the pilgrims for many a day! 

Pilgrimage group.
Aboriginal symbol.
St. Ignatius School
Sacred Heart House Group outside Vaucluse. Group outside Vaucluse.
Loving congratulations to our Sisters in the Province of Asia - Australia !

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