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2005 Consultative Meeting

The 2005 Consultative Meeting was held at Ackworth,
the FCJ House at Sorrento, Victoria, Australia.

Consultative Meetings provide General Leadership and the Provincials with a key opportunity to strengthen and promote our union of minds and hearts across the Society.


The facilitator Marlette Black pvm led us through the meeting very skilfully, ensuring a balance of reflective time along with opportunities to consult and share with one another.

As we reflected on our living of the Chapter Mandate, we rejoiced in the range of ways in which we are responding to this call of the Spirit. It is clear that we as a Society have been moved by the Mandate in a variety of ways.


The meeting also provided us with the time to share further on the two events which are coming up in the course of the next few months: “The Adventure has Begun” in Manila for our sisters in Temporary Profession and the workshop which is part of our Society wide reflection on mission and the vows. This workshop, “Captivated by Jesus and his Mission” will take place in Stella Maris from Aug 5- August 17th.

We were fortunate to have Eucharist celebrated for us by an OMI priest most evenings and we were very grateful to the Oblates for their warm hospitality and friendliness.

Being blessed with some lovely voices and our own organist, Denise, we were happy to form an FCJ choir at the Vigil Mass for Trinity Sunday!

On one of our free days, we enjoyed a delightful afternoon with our sisters in Melbourne when we had the occasion to visit the newly built community house in Richmond.

We are most grateful to Barbara and our sisters in Melbourne who offered us such hospitality and care in setting up the house in Sorrento and to Rosemary Crowe who cooked and looked after the practicalities during the meeting.


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