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Spiritual Direction Training Program in Durham, North Carolina

Graduates of the Spiritual Direction Training Program with Srs. Mary Leahy and Joanna Walsh.On June 6, 2008, ten men and women received certificates of completion of a two-year Training Program for the Ministry of Spiritual Direction in Durham, North Carolina.

Sisters Mary Leahy and Joanna Walsh were facilitators of the Program, which is based on an Ignatian model. The approach is very experiential, using small group discussions, role-playing, journal keeping, reflection papers, personal and group supervision.

Some of the topics covered were: listening skills; prayer; discernment; standards of practice; differences between therapy and spiritual accompaniment; and the influence of culture on spirituality. The Program is designed for the personal spiritual development and integration of participants as well as the development of the art and skills needed to walk with others on their spiritual path.

In the second year, trainees worked with two directees, under supervision. Some were prayer guides for a Lenten Retreat in Daily Life. Here are some comments from participants in the Program:

The spiritual director training program has provided me skills to enhance my diaconal ministry in one-on-one situations. It has also provided me tools to strengthen my personal relationship with God on a daily basis. Deacon Phil Rzewnicki

The FCJ Sisters' Spiritual Directors' Program provided me an opportunity to deepen my own spiritual journey and to experience the joy of sharing in others. The program helped me to discover various ways of praying and being in the Spirit. It also taught me how to enhance my listening skills, which will help me to better accompany others on their journey. It was a very spirit guided program. Vera Alston The Spiritual Direction program truly was a gift to me. I am so grateful that I was lead by God on this exciting journey. Linda Bedo

Here we were, wondering how to actually BECOME Spiritual Directors in a part of the world where these were extremely rare, when, lo and behold, the FCJ's appeared with a training program tailored to people like us in places just like ours, an answer to some really urgent prayers! Mary Reeb

I will be forever grateful to the FCJ’s for bringing this spiritual direction training program to North Carolina. It has revolutionized my life by introducing me to the ministry of spiritual direction and to an impressive group of extraordinarily committed fellow Christians. This has led to remarkable growth in my personal relationship with Christ, while preparing me to extend this new gift to others in our community. I believe this small program will have a lasting impact on the spiritual life of our Diocese! Ken Reeb

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