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Celebrating the success of the Limerick Faith Development Project: 24 April 2009

In the context of Religious Congregations generally considering their current and future roles in relation to the trusteeship of Catholic Schools, three Congregations active in education in Limerick City (Faithful Companions of Jesus, Sisters of Mercy and Redemptorist Fathers) decided to establish a Faith Development Project for their schools in Limerick City in 2003.

The founding intention of the Project was the establishment of links with the students in second-level schools under the trusteeship of the three Congregations. Its purpose was to work with the Principal and Staffs of each school in extending and supporting the religious programme in the schools to include extra formation in the Catholic Faith in accordance with the ethos of the trustees.

Logos of Laurel Hill College and Laurel Hill College surround photo of Laurel Hill seen through the trees.A Project co-ordinator was employed and sponsored by the three Congregations. The proximity of four of the schools to each other, namely Scoil Carmel (Mercy), FCJ Colaiste and FCJ Secondary School (FCJ) and St. Clement’s (Redemptorist), and the provision by the Redemptorists of space in their monastery created the initial conditions for the Project’s establishment.

A broad range of services and initiatives have been provided by the Project, to mention but a few,

Unfortunately this Project has to finish at the end of this school year 2009. New Trusts for schools have been set up – the schools of the Mercy Congregation are already under the trusteeship of CEIST; the FCJ schools will be joining the Le Chéile Trust in September 2009; the Redemptorist school now has its own full-time chaplain. The Faith development of the students will be the responsibility of these new Trusts.

To celebrate the “life” of the Project, the co-ordinator staged a Christodrama involving students from the four schools on Friday evening 24 April. School Staffs, students, parents and members of the three Congregations were all present. It was a most inspiring production and one could not but appreciate the great work that has been achieved during the six years of the Project’s existence. This was followed by refreshments and entertainment. Great appreciation was extended to the co-ordinator for all she has achieved. We are all regretful that it has to come to its end, but delighted in the fact that so much has been achieved for our students.

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