Section title text:  Recent News.

Map of Asia-Australia, highlighting Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia.FCJ Sisters are missioned to Myanmar,
January 2009

We rejoice in the missioning of Marion Dooley, Agnes Samosir and Fransisca Arti Setiati {Sisca} to Yangon, Myanmar on the 9 January 2009.  Learning the Myanmar language will be a priority for them but Marion will teach with the Jesuits in Campion English Language Institute.  In early November 2008, the group had an opportunity to live together at the Family Care Sisters’ flat in Melbourne.  Aided by a facilitator, they were able to form community and surface whatever issues they felt they needed to address as they face their future mission.  They also had time to learn more about Buddhism and the culture of Myanmar. 

We wish you, Marion, Agnes and Sisca, God’s blessings as you  prepare your hearts to begin this new venture.

Nuestra pequeña Sociedad tiene como fin
     glorificar el corazón de Jesús
           por todos los medios a su alcance…     (Marie Madeleine)