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Acceptance Ceremony of Maria Irene Indrayanti (Meita)
into the Novitiate of the Asia-Australia Province
Yogyakarta, Indonesia, August 15, 2007

Meita is received as a novice in Indonesia.

Dear Sisters,

On August 15th, 2007, two months ago, I was accepted as a novice. The acceptance ceremony was simple but solemn.  Inez led the prayer very well and the sacred space made by Elvisa, Ciony and Dewi was very beautiful.  Irene and Inez helped to arrange the flowers.  Everything helped us to enter into the atmosphere of prayer.  After that we en jo yed a meal together cooked by Rebi who was living with us.

During the acceptance ceremony as we listened to the song “ You are my centre” by M. Rizza, I expressed in liturgical movement my gratitude, my desire to offer my life to God and my hope that Jesus will be the centre of my life.

I took as my theme the Samaritan Woman from St. John’s Gospel. "The living water that I give to you will spring into eternal life", because I feel that the living water that was given to the woman, has been given to me too through the many blessings that I have received throughout my life. I believe that these blessings were given not only for myself alone but to be shared with others.

This reading strengthened and encouraged me to say “Yes” to God through this Society, so that I can become a channel through which God’s blessings may flow to many other people.

I felt very happy and thankful that everything went so well and smoothly; and especially grateful for all that was done by my FCJ companions from the preparation until the end of the celebration.  I felt that all this was an expression of great love and support for me.

I also appreciated the presence of Josie and Tina, the sister and cousin of Clare fcJ and of Barbara, the friend of Rachel fcJ.  Their presence made the occasion even more special.

My thanks go also to all the FCJ sisters who remembered and prayed for me on this day.

                                                                                                With love,  Meita n. fcJ

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