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Celebration of 25 years of FCJ Presence in Argentina - September 22, 2009

The FCJ Sisters in Salta, Argentina, share this account of their celebration:

FCJ Sisters in Salta, Argentina.

Thank you very much for all the good wishes and prayers we received yesterday, 22nd September, the day that we, the sisters living in Argentina, celebrated the 25th anniversary of the arrival of the FCJs in Argentina, in the person of Sr. Mary Cavanagh RIP.

Around mid-day a strong southeasterly wind began blowing and all the dust began forming clouds; this made it difficult to walk or to see, a veritable dust storm! This was not the only problem our guests faced. At the same time as our celebration, there was a party political meeting where free entertainment and big prizes were offered. In spite of this our guests arrived.

We gave thanks to God for all His blessings and His tender care for each one of us in a Mass in our parish church in Bº Solidaridad, Salta, concelebrated by our parish priest, Fr. Pedro Ríos and Fr. Louis Muñoz, who was the parish priest when the sisters arrived in Salta, seven years ago, and who welcomed them warmly.

Preparation, the parish church.

Children celebrating.The Mass was organized by our two Argentinian sisters, Silvana Toledo and Elizabeth Peralta. The hymns reflected our charism. Fr. Pedro preached about our dedication to the people of the barrio and to the parish of the Holy Trinity.

We prayed for all those FCJ Sisters who had ministered in Argentina, Mary Cavanagh, Shirley Majeau, Paula Mullen, Marjorie Perkins, Marguerite Goddard, Stephanie Earl, Juana Rios, Patricia Binchy, Alicia Pérez, and Elizabeth Peralta.

We also prayed for all those whom we have encountered and who have shared our mission here in Argentina. At the end of the Mass,  Patricia Binchy fcJ, Provincial Leader, thanked all those who had been our faithful companions during the twenty five years.

Sr. Patricia and Sr. Marguerite.

After the Mass we shared a power point of the history of the FCJ presence in Argentina with our guests. This was beautifully prepared by Sr. Silvana. This was followed by the cutting of the cake and a triple toast proposed by Sr. Marguerite for Jesus, Marie Madeleine and the FCJs and finally for all the people among whom we live. 

Children in the Dining Area.

Lively conversation and singing concluded the celebration in the parish. The Sisters, Fr.Pedro, the seminarian, Lucio, and a friend shared a convivial supper of empañadas  small meat pasties, a traditional meal in Argentina, and black forest gateau to round off a great celebration. Ad multos annos.

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Ang aming Samahan ay may layuning purihin
       ang puso ni Hesus
           sa lahat ng kapangyarihan niya.     (Marie Madeleine)