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Conference participants.
FCJ Archivists Conference:   23-28 May, 2006

A small international group met at Stella Maris convent from 23- 28 May 2006.  The conference was fruitful in all that it  offered, including the sharing of expertise within the group of participants, workshop sessions and exploration of the FCJ Archive Policy.  Input was given by Dr. Carmen Mangion, a social historian, and the group’s experience was broadened by educative visits to the Archives of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God at Brentford, to the library and muniments at Westminster Abbey as well as to our own Heritage Room and archives at Stella Maris.  Thanks to our Sisters in our London houses who gave overnight hospitality to participants, and to all the participants and organisers for a very valuable experience.

Some of the participants.

Going to London Archives.    Going to London Archives.

At Westminster Archives.

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