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Consultative Meeting 2006

Photo:  Sacred Space for the meeting.The Consultative meeting was held at Stella Maris from 15 -26 July.

During the days preceding the main gathering individual provincials had their meetings with Katherine and her Council.

The theme of the meeting was “Stirred by the Gentle Breeze” and the facilitator was Sr. Janet Roesener CSJ from Ohio, USA.  The fact that we were all at the formation meeting before the consultative meeting was of particular benefit. 

There is nothing quite like a shared experience to help reflection and planning!

We were grateful for the opportunity to share on the Society wide process of reflection on the Theology of Mission and the Vows and to hear how our sisters in various parts of the Society are being helped by this process. It was encouraging also to hear of our sisters' response to the Year of Reconciliation. This year has been deeply significant and we hope and pray that we can continue to be bearers of reconciliation. 

Photos of prayer ritual used in meeting.

Kathryn Lennon joined us for a day when she talked us through some of the financial implications of our decisions as we plan for the future sustainability of the Society's mission.

Photos of Meeting activities.

We also availed of this time together to share some reflections on our FCJ Lifestyle and how this has changed over recent years. We were aware of some changes which have given us more freedom of choice.  As a consequence, we are called to make these choices with great inner freedom so that our life witnesses to the values we profess as Faithful Companions of Jesus.  As we approach the 150th anniversary of Marie Madeleine's death, we looked again at the history of the Cause for her canonization and shared some ways forward on this. It was a busy time and we were left with much food for thought!

Photos: Celebrating 41 years as FCJs; Floral decor; Checking email; Thanking Yve our cook.
Celebrating 41 Years as FCJs               Floral decor                 Checking e-mails ...  Thanking Yve, our cook

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Ang aming Samahan ay may layuning purihin
       ang puso ni Hesus
           sa lahat ng kapangyarihan niya.     (Marie Madeleine)