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Cultural Festival Tarija, Bolivia April 2009

In Bolivia, the communities of Oruro, Santa Cruz, Tarija and La Paz hold carnavals but the carnival in Oruro is the most famous. It takes place for the eight days preceeding Ash Wednesday. Unlike the carnival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where the escolas de samba choose a new theme each year, carnival in Oruro always begins with the diablada or devil dance. The diablada is a centuries-old ritual surviving unchanged from colonial days.

Well this year the devil dance came to Tarija and an FCJ took part!

Pictures of Bolivian 'Devil Dance'.

Terry Smith fcJ writes:

The diocesan youth ministry arranged a cultural festival for April 25-26.  Each parish drew the name of one part of Bolivia.  They were to present a dance typical of the region on the Saturday night and explain some of the customs on the Sunday morning. 

San Mateo was to dance the Diablada of Oruro.  The young people asked Sr Terry if she would like to participate. 

Her response was “Yes, but the short mini-skirts are a concern.” One boy said that there is a white bear in that dance and so Terry became the bear!

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