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First Profession of Vows in Romania -
Sisters Cornelia Vîrgă and Gabriela Lungu - September 6, 2008

Cornelia writes:

I said “YES” to the Lord
“The Lord seduced me and I let myself be seduced…”

The time of formation and prayer during Postulancy and Novitiate, in preparation for my becoming a Faithful Companion of Jesus, deepened both God’s Call in me and my desire to give myself wholly to Him and to his service, without reservation.

Sacred Space for Welcoming Ceremony.     FCJs gathered in Welcome.

The Ritual of Welcome into the Body of the Society celebrated in the evening of September 5th, touched me deeply, especially the moment when I was invited to come forward and take my place among the fcJ sisters assembled in our chapel in Bucharest, who represented the whole Society.

FCJs gathered in Bucharest for the Mass of First Profession.

At that moment, I felt deep within me that I was taking a step forward, that I was being incorporated into the Society – as we read in Part V of our Constitutions…. that I was truly becoming a member of the FCJ family.

Cornelia makes her first vows and receives the FCJ badge.We prayed and sang. The words of the hymn “My Soul’s Desire” expressed perfectly what was in my heart: that desire to see the face of God, to walk this sacred path and to love with an open heart: Yes! that IS my desire: to love with a free heart. Other words that filled me with joy and confidence in God’s love were echoed in the refrain of the hymn: “Neither Death nor Life”, nor anything else could separate us from the love of God poured out in Christ Jesus, our Saviour.

Cornelia with her family.



What Joy! What Peace! … and so much grace!

The long-awaited day…. A day full of joy and emotion had arrived. September 6 – that unforgettable day – when I pronounced my First Vows in the Society of the sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus. It was a special day that will remain forever engraved on my heart.

A number of fcJ sisters, Companions in Mission, several members of our families and friends had come to join us for this occasion. The Liturgy took place in our parish Church, dedicated to the Sacred Heart. Several priests concelebrated marking this event. The floral arrangement, the colours, the music all added a solemn tone to the whole celebration.

I WAS and I AM happy ! and I think that heaven also rejoiced with us on that day! I pronounced the formula of profession with great emotion: the richness and the depth of the words will accompany me and be part of me always on the route ahead.

May we be sustained each day by the grace of God, so as to do whatever God wants of us with free and generous hearts !

May we always be quiet in his hands, like empty vessels, ready to receive everything from Him; and let us pray for one another: that the glory of God and the salvation of the world be our only goal!

United in heart and spirit,

Cornelia fcJ.

Gabriela fcJ (left) and Cornelia fcJ (right)

Gabriela writes:

Journeying on …

I met the FCJ sisters nearly nine years ago. I lived as a postulant in Bucharest, while working for the State as a social assistant. Then, in 2006, I left for Paris to enter the Novitiate. It was a wonderfully rich and interesting time.

Gabriela make her First Vows and receives the FCJ Badge.My heart is full of gratitude to God and to those responsible for us, for giving us such a solid formation. I think I have understood a little more how to touch into the essential in our lives. I thank God for having been able to deepen my faith. It’s really something great to be able to nourish one’s faith! I am grateful too for the human and spiritual formation which has enriched me and enabled me to know how to live with my own giftedness. Once again, I give thanks for having met fcJ Sisters, women who know how to love and to act justly, and this in the little things of everyday life.

Gabriela's family.On September 6. 2008, Cornelia and I made our vows in the presence of our Sisters, members of our family and friends. I was bursting with joy - and I am not exaggerating when I say this! - It was then that I received the name: Faithful Companion of Jesus. From now on, being a Faithful Companion of Jesus, means becoming just that a little more every day.

When I think of my time as a novice, I think if several things: my faith has grown stronger and I have learnt to rely on my own spiritual resources. Besides, I have many fcJ Sisters as models.

Now the time has come… the most important time … when we are called to deepen what we have learned. This is surely the best way for us never to be bored!

Gabriela Lungu fcJ

Celebrating with family and friends.

Novitiate group past and future.

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