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Chapter Directions: Courageous Re-Imagining for Mission

Chapter Candle.The Chapter Body offers directions for the future... 

These directions will need to be worked with and lived by FCJs individually, as Provinces and as the whole Body of the Society.  We hope that those Companions in Mission, family, friends and colleagues who accompanied us in prayer in these days will also find meaning and inspiration in these directions.

Here is a video of the Directions being proclaimed by Katherine Mary fcJ and Claire fcJ.  (The music is courtesy of Denise Mulcahy fcJ)

The window behind Katherine Mary and Claire is the 'Crown of Thorn' window here at Loyola Hall Jesuit Spirituality Centre.

You will also find below the video the text of the future directions which you can download if you wish.

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Chapter Directions.

Download text in pdf format (A4 size)

Download text in pdf format (letter size)