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Free Day

FCJs who went to the 'Dream'.Following the election of our new general superior, Sr. Mary Claire Sykes, we had a free day yesterday.

We enjoyed a variety of activities. Some went into Liverpool to the Cathedral and to the Docklands. Some visited FCJ communities in the area and some returned to Chester, to Dee House and to St. Werburgh's where one of the stained glass windows honours Sr. Elizabeth Austin fcJ. (more)

Another group went to visit the 'dream' sculpture, located within walking distance of Loyola Hall. Some of you might be interested in this sculpture.

Dream sculpture.Dream is the spectacular, internationally significant, landmark sculpture sited on the former Sutton Manor Colliery in St.Helens, close to o Liverpool.

The 20 metre-high artwork takes the form of a young girl's head with her eyes closed in a seemingly dream-like state. The piece has a white, almost luminescent finish in marked contrast to the black of the coal that still lies below.  Its contours and reflectivity change according to the time of day and the weather.

Dream was conceived and designed by the world-renowned, award-winning, Spanish artist Jaume Plensa.

Commissioned by ex-miners and St.Helens Council, the sculpture reflects the aspirations of the local community, who, far from wanting a mining monument, sought instead a forward-looking piece that would provide a beautiful, inspiring, contemplative space for generations to come.

Over and above honouring the human heritage of the site, the artwork is also intended to symbolise the area’s positive post-industrial transformation, become an iconic new regional landmark, generate significant economic benefits, and enhance local pride. (Adapted from this Liverpool Tourism link.)

Two signs in the park.

Two signs in the Park!