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Who participates in the General Chapter?

In a very real way each FCJ contributes to the General Chapter by involving herself fully in the preparation for the Chapter and by her prayerful support both before and during the Chapter.

The members of the General Chapter include leadership, central and provincial, and elected participants from each of the three Provinces.

Once the Chapter has finished it once again becomes the responsibility of each FCJ to take the directions given by the Chapter and discern how to live them out, both individually and at Province and Society level.

Who attends the General Chapter


Katherine Mary O'Flynn fcJ. Frances Kennedy fcJ. Paula Mullen fcJ General Assistant. Susan Donohue fcJ General Assistant.
Katherine Mary O'Flynn fcJ
General Superior
Frances Kennedy fcJ
General Assistant
Paula Mullen fcJ
General Assistant
Susan Donohue fcJ
General Assistant
Kathryn Lennon fcJ General Bursar. Bonnie Moser fcJ Provincial, The Americas. Judith Routier fcJ Provincial Asia-Australia. Margarita Byron fcJ Provincial, Europe.
Kathryn Lennon fcJ General Bursar Bonnie Moser fcJ
Provincial, the Americas
Judith Routier fcJ
Provincial, Asia-Australia
Margarita Byron fcJ Provincial, Europe

Elected Members

Province of the Americas

Madeleine Gregg fcJ. Joanna Walsh fcJ. Alicia Perez fcJ. Ann Marie Walsh fcJ.
Madeleine Gregg fcJ Joanna Walsh fcJ Alicia Pérez fcJ Ann Marie Walsh fcJ
  Patricia Binchy fcJ. Lois Anne Bordowitz fcJ.  
  Patricia Binchy fcJ Lois Anne Bordowitz fcJ  

Province of Asia-Australia

Clare Hand fcJ. Denise Mulcahy fcJ. Marion Dooley fcJ. Beta Suryawati fcJ.
Clare Hand fcJ Denise Mulcahy fcJ Marion Dooley fcJ Beta Suryawati fcJ
Afra Primadiana fcJ. Paola Terroni fcJ. Barbara Brown-Graham fcJ.
Afra Primadiana fcJ Paola Terroni fcJ Barbara Brown-Graham fcJ

Province of Europe

Joan McGeough fcJ. Rita McLoughlin fcJ. Jo Grainger fcJ. Mary Fitzpatrick fcJ.
Joan McGeough fcJ Rita McLoughlin fcJ Jo Grainger fcJ Mary Fitzpatrick fcJ
Lynne Baron fcJ. Ruth Casey fcJ. Veronika Schreiner fcJ. Brid Liston fcJ.
Lynne Baron fcJ Ruth Casey fcJ Veronika Schreiner fcJ Brid Liston fcJ
Claire Sykes fcJ. Eileen Foley fcJ. Brenda Wallace fcJ. Ger Curran fcJ.
Claire Sykes fcJ Eileen Foley fcJ Brenda Wallace fcJ Ger Curran fcJ


Barbara Valuckas SSND. Barbara Valuckas SSND

Sister Barbara Valuckas, SSND, PhD began Pilgrim Ministries, lnc., a facilitation ministry of her congregation, in 1993. She works with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (USA) and the Life and Faith Institute in Lithuania.

Support Personnel

Nikki Aerts. Margaret Frain. Maria Katherine McDermott fcJ. Mary Rose Rawlinson fcJ.
Nikki Aerts Margaret Frain fcJ Maria Katherine McDermott fcJ Mary Rose Rawlinson fcJ