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Personal Reflections

A reflection on mystery, beauty, chaos and diversity
Contributed by Madeleine Gregg

Madeleine offers this reflection:
This little verse Isaiah 45: 3 has been a favorite one of mine for many years and it speaks to me of the first paragraph of the Chapter Directions. In that paragraph, we see that the context which God designed as our home is a constantly evolving universe, rich in mystery, beauty, chaos, and diversity. Sam Wells, in his talk about what it means to be Faithful Companions of Jesus, described our home as the theater in which we reverberate, the place where we can develop relationships that matter.

As an extrovert, it took me many years to learn that there were "treasures of darkness and hidden riches" within me. After discovering those inward spaces and places and treasures, I realized that I was encountering God in those depths in a way that far surpassed my encounters with God in nature or liturgy or art or music or any other way. It took me even longer to realize that nature, liturgy, art, and music were not in competition with those inward spaces and places and treasure, but more like keys that opened the way into them.