Resources for Interconnected Relationship

Videos and Powerpoints

Movie: Queen of the Sun:  What the Bees Are Telling Us
Contributed by Nancy Thompson, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Nancy writes: I received the communication "Follow up to the 2013 General Chapter."  I appreciate you sending these follow ups.  The phrase from your General Chapter--"Interconnected Relationships", is the phrase that stuck in my mind because of its obvious truth, to me.  I then watched the above mentioned DVD from Netflix.  For me, this DVD is the incarnation of that phrase.   I would recommend that anyone involved in community life view this film. The film left me with a sinking feeling of how we are so unaware of the fundamentals of interconnectedness.  At the same time, it gave me hope, sharing the lives of people who are practicing the art of healing our lack of interconnectedness. 

If you can't access the film on Netflix, you can buy the DVD or buy a 30 day rental ' instant watch' on the Queen of the Sun website. The film is subtitled in 16 languages and the DVD can be shipped internationally.


A Video of a reading of FALL SONG by Mary Oliver (Produced by FES)
Contributed by Mary Rose Rawlinson fcJ

Image from start of Movie.There is a quite lovely video of a reading of Mary Oliver's poem "Fall Song", a poem which Kathryn Lennon fcJ says speaks to her of interconnected relationship. You can find the poem on the web here.

You can watch the video here. If you have trouble with that format try this one.

Or, you can watch the video online on Vimeo. Unlike other videos by FES, this one is not copyrighted, so one could incorporate parts of it into another video or powerpoint; it would still be good practice to acknowledge FES in some way.