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Co-creations for our new Directions
Contributed by Deanne Riopel, CiM

'The Cosmos' (High resolution)

Diane says, 'These images are co-creations. They begin as crayon coated paper which is produced by Richard who is a middle aged man with severe autism who lives in L'Arche. He cannot speak, at least not with words. He is passionate about creating these images and produces multiple copies daily.  He has done this all his adult life and possibly before, his childhood is mainly a mystery.

Two years ago during a difficult time in my life something possessed me to cut these images up and then I was inspired to recreate with them. When I did, the cosmos opened up for me. Images of rainbows, northern lights, starlit skies appeared. Black is almost always an important element of Richard’s art and somehow co-creating with him shed light on my own darkness. I have created over 60 images. Some find the images beautiful. Richard seems to enjoy them. I hope they speak of the message our new mandate is proclaiming.
Believe. Gather. Emerging Freedom. Love.
Believe Gather Emerging Freedom Love
High resolution High resolution High resolution High resolution
Beyond. Dancing Star. Stillness. Limitless.
Beyond Dancing Star Stillness Limitless
High resolution High resolution High resolution High resolution
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