What’s God Got To Do With It?

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Edmonton, Kanada

An online series for young adults (18-45) about Vocation and Discernment facilitated by sisters from Canada Ann fcJ and Michelle fcJ.

What life is God calling you to? How is it possible to hear the voice of God? If you are a younger Catholic trying to answer these questions, join us for Virtual Sessions on the topic of Vocation and Discernment in the Catholic tradition. All sessions will be via Zoom.
  • September 13th 1pm (MDT): The Call to Holiness
  • October 18th 1pm (MDT): What is Ignatian Discernment? 
  • November 15th 1pm (MST): Married Life and Religious Life
  • December 13th 1pm (MST): Single Life and the Priesthood/Diaconate

To register, email Sr Michelle michellefcj@gmail.com

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