The Fabric of My Life – 6-Day Quilting Retreat



Calgary, Canada

Join other quilters for a time of relaxation and sharing at this retreat organised by the FCJ Retreat Centre in Calgary and led by Sr Ita, fcJ.

The purpose of this Quilting Retreat is to reflect on your life and especially on your spiritual journey:

  • how you have experienced your life and God’s presence in the past
  • who you are at present
  • who you now are in relation to the Divine Mystery
  • what is your dream for the future.

Four squares will be pieced to represent each of these four reflections, and reaching out to the suffering world, squares will be quilted by hand to be made into a group quilt which will be donated to the Children’s Hospital.

In the pattern of  God’s purpose we are stitched together in caring and communion:
scraps of the lingering past,fragments broken from future’s dearest hopes;
textures of disappointment and dreams, prints of pain and promise;
stripes, silks, satins – all the colors of emotion and experience, are sewn into a crazy quilt  of life.

Adapted from Barbara Battin, Women Psalms

 Each day will include group prayer, quiet meditation time, guided imaging and journaling; choosing colors and fabric pieces to make a small personal quilted wall hanging: making quilted squares to be joined into a group quilt.

While helpful, no former quilting experience is needed. If you have any of the following -a cutting board, rotary cutter, good scissors, portable sewing machine, please feel free to bring it. Otherwise these will be supplied.

O my Beloved, You have searched me and known me! You discern my inmost thoughts.
You find me on the journey and guide my steps; You know my strengths and my weaknesses.
You formed my inmost being, You knit me together in my mother’s womb…
Your mysteries fill me with wonder.

Psalm 139 Adapted Trans. Nan Merrill

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