COVID-19 Respite / Dealing with Personal Loss

Life transitions retreat



Calgary, Canada

A weekend retreat of peaceful exploration and tending of the soul through creative expression, at the FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre, Calgary

We have experienced many losses. Many of us have lost jobs, freedom, plans and human connections. During the weekend retreat a variety of creative processes will be used to understand this grief and its impact on us. COVID-19 will be explored as a source of resilience that allows us to dream forward and transition to a new life style.

The spirit of the retreat is making space for God through art, nature, meditation, and journaling. *Please note, this is not suitable for anyone bereaved in the last 6 months.

What you can expect

  • Feel a sense of safety and freedom to explore new ways of seeing loss.
  • Find new ways to retrieve your life energy to allow you to navigate stressful situations with a sense of peace.
  • Take away a greater sense of self-awareness
  • Experience your own calm center with the introduction of healing practices.
  • Explore COVID -19 as a source of resilience and allow yourself to dream forward as you transition to a new life style.

Gain appreciation and compassion for your personal story while engaging in a variety of creative processes that express life as it is.

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