Living a Life of Whole-Hearted Service

Pip Mcilroy Melbourne Catholic

Former Genazzano FCJ College student Pip McIlroy was interviewed by the Melbourne Catholic. She talks about her Catholic faith inspires her life of service and leadership at St Vincent’s Health Australia. Here some excerpts (published with permission)

Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire. These words of Saint Catherine of Siena resonate strongly with Pip McIlroy as she strives to live a “whole-hearted life” inspired by, and deeply rooted in her Catholic faith. Pip is Group Mission Integration Manager – Formation and Ethics at St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA), a role that is integrated with her own personal values, and to the life and mission of her work at St Vincent’s. She has worked at Jesuit Social Services in its Corporate Diversity Partnerships Team. She joined St Vincent’s in 2019. As well as her formation and ethics work, she has recently taken on leading St Vincent’s Modern Slavery Project, which was developed in collaboration with Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH). This involves the training of front life staff, specifically people working in emergency departments, so that they can identify someone who might be a victim of modern slavery (such as human trafficking, slave labour or forced marriage) in order to connect them to appropriate services and safety. It also involves procurement and looking at St Vincent’s supply chains across their sites in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

‘Part of the formation aspect of my role is to work with the Mission Leaders in each of the facilities and divisions, to assist with connecting staff in their individual roles and their own sense of vocation, with the mission of St Vincent’s as a whole,’ she said. ‘The Mission Leaders accompany staff in making decisions that are true to our Catholic heritage and to the heritage and tradition of the Sisters of Charity who founded our organisation.’

Pip attended Our Lady of Good Counsel Primary School in nearby Deepdene and went to Genazzano FCJ College in Kew. Growing up, her Catholic faith was grounded in her family and school life: ‘Through my Catholic upbringing in my family and education, what was instilled in me was the privilege that it is to be of service to others,’ she said.

And that the most important thing in life is to love others and foster community such that God might recognise it…. I’m especially grateful for my Catholic background because I think it’s given me a framework for thinking through big and small decisions.

Pip McIlroy

‘So, in my work,’ she continues, ‘I’m passionate about making that framework really visible because I think it has a lot to offer our sometimes chaotic world and fragmented existence. I think what it teaches us about how we are as individuals and in communities is really worthwhile.’

Read the complete interview in the Melbourne Catholic website. Excerpts and image reproduced here with permission.