An Afternoon Series – Nine Ways of Relating to God

nine ways of relating to God


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Calgary, Canada

A workshop series on the Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram. The Enneagram describes nine different character types or passions, nine ways in which we strive to emulate God, God’s justice, God’s faithfulness, God’s compassion and so on.
In this workshop series we will explore what our predominant passion might be and how we can open to other possibilities, understand personality differences and work to come into balance.

“Why in our encounter with life do we human beings so often keep running up against ourselves, instead of making a breakthrough to God, to the Totally Other? In our present day ego-centric society we are especially inclined to remain stuck in our own thoughts and feelings. The old masters and spiritual guides wanted people to acknowledge their blockages and prejudices…their habitual way of viewing and shaping life from an ego-centric viewpoint. In the Middle Ages such compulsions were called passions. The task is to recognize these passions.”  (Discovering the Enneagram Richard Rohr & Andreas Ebert Part 1)

Organised by the FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre, Calgary, Canada. Facilitator: Sr Ita fcJ.

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