A Time of Transition: Gift of hope



Calgary, Canada

A retreat for the unemployed persons

Sr. Ger Curran, fcJ and Mirna Farahat, FCJ Christian Life Centre

Loss of employment can be trying to our souls and our emotional balance, not just our financial health. Struggling for a sense of hope, in the midst of disappointment, is an arduous task. At this time in history, a significant number of people are without work.

During this retreat our intent is a willingness to journey side by side, offering hope and long term perspective, by allowing opportunity for deep listening, creating a setting that allows those who attend this retreat to name their experience and recognize that they are not alone. A loss of job and income can bring with it feelings of desperation.

Our message is not to give up and become overwhelmed with the pain, lose and chaos, but to look around, pay attention to the daily small gifts that come our way, even when they are not the gift of that job that we eagerly seek. Reaching out for help and support of others, as well as sharing experience can be a shining light in the midst of struggle.

Stay Connected!

This retreat is not a job-finding but a heart helping retreat of conversation, reflection, laughter, connectedness and hope!

This program is free and it is sponsored by The Society of Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus (fcJ) and FCJ Christian Life Centre, and generous contributions from our donors.

Pre-registration required. To register by phone, please call call (403) 228-4215 or email info@fcjcentre.ca. Registration MUST include full name, phone, address, and email.

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