An Afternoon with Teilhard de Chardin



Calgary, Canada

Led by Sr. Ita Connery, fcJ

This afternoon on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ and The Divine Milieu and is part of a series on male mystics. It will take place at the FCJ Christian Life Centre in Calgary.

Teilhard speaks of the all-embracive presence of God in our universe. “We lived steeped in its burning layers”, he tells us. In this series we will explore the images in Teilhard’s classic The Divine Milieu through question, conversation and sharing.

  • How can we live more cosmologically?
  • What effect does the present awareness of the Universe story have on our spirituality?
  • What meaning can we find in diminishment, suffering and times of transitioning?
  • How does the Incarnation of Christ inform and give meaning to the universe story?

Lord, we know and feel that you are everywhere around us; but it seems that there is a veil before our eyes. Let the light of your countenance shine upon us in its universality. May your deep brilliance light up the innermost parts of the massive obscurities in which we move.”

The Divine Milieu, Part 3- b

Dates: January 20, 27 and February 3, 10. Mondays, 1-3pm



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