ONLINE Weekend Retreat: Contemplation through Nature-Based Activities



Calgary, Canada

When some people think of “contemplation”, they think of sitting still and trying not to get distracted. This weekend retreat will guide you in a more active approach to contemplation, one based on outdoors activities linked with specific focus questions that will help you reflect on your own work in caring for our common home, planet earth.

This retreat will help you prepare the ground of your heart by cultivating attitudes and dispositions that will position you to set out on the long path to renewal urgently needed today!

Offered by the FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre, Calgary, Canada. Facilitated by Sr. Madeleine, fcJ.

The retreat is largely experiential and is rooted in the idea that we can learn to find God in all things – a foundational insight of Ignatian spirituality. Come join us, whether you are already familiar with nature-based contemplation or just a beginner.

For more info visit the event page at the FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre.

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