FCJ Involvement in Education in Ireland

FCJ schools in Ireland, Laurel Hill Coláiste FCJ and Laurel Hill Secondary School FCJ are part of the Le Chéile Schools Trust. The FCJ society are joint trustees of St Tiernan’s Community School in Dublin since 1981, also part of Le Chéile.

The main goal of the Le Chéile Schools Trust is the development of a vision of Catholic education and overseeing its implementation in the Schools, encouraging preservation of key aspects of the evangelical heritage of each of the founding Congregations. The fifteen Congregations in the Trust are currently responsible for 53 voluntary secondary schools and are trustees in 8 Community Schools.

The Trust has encouraged each of the congregations in the Trust to make a short video to give a brief account of their foundation, involvement in education in Ireland and their journey to Le Cheile Schools Trust. The FCJ Sisters in Ireland were invited to take the initiative and make the first of these videos which was presented at the Le Chéile gathering of representatives of the Congregations on 23 November 2023. The video is titled FCJ Involvement in Education in Ireland 1843 to the Present.

In the video FCJ Sisters tell the story of our foundress Marie Madeleine d’Houët, the FCJ school development in Ireland, our charism and our vision for the future of our schools.


The aim of the Le Chéile Schools Trust is to carry on the legal, financial and inspirational role of trusteeship that has, up to now, been done by individual congregations. It carries out the legal and inspirational role of trusteeship. This is a significant development in Irish education as the Catholic Church and the individual religious congregations renew and reformulate their commitment to Irish education.

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