Ukranian fields

We Continue to Pray for Peace

An reflection by Sr Clare, fcJ, first appeared at FCJ Sisters Blog

We read and hear an endless stream of prayers and requests for peace in Ukraine coming to us from around the world. It would seem that the desire for peace is an instinct deeply embedded in the human spirit. We too continue to pray and hope and advocate for an end to the conflict in Ukraine. As I gazed at images from Ukraine I was particularly struck by the sight of families sheltering in basements and other underground refuges. My eyes filled with tears at the sight of small children wrapped up against the winter’s chill. They reminded me of my own great-nieces and nephews and sharply brought home to me the real cost of war. This focused and intensified my prayer. I was then touched to read one of our FCJ sisters write movingly of the way she was praying for all those involved in this conflict. We pray, and continue to pray.

Photo by Polina Rytova on Unsplash