Widening our Circle of Compassion

Preparing meals at COVID recovery centre

Submitted by the sisters in the Soropadan FCJ community 

When Indonesia was in the worst stage of the COVID19 pandemic, there were so many cases that hospitals were full and many patients died because of lack of help. A few places in Yogyakarta opened for isolation for those who got infected with mild symptoms. We felt the call to be compassionate by responding to the invitation to help in one of those isolation places, Kampoeng Media Wisma, which belongs to the Society of Jesus.

The coordinator of the project is Fr. Murti, SJ. He runs this in collaboration with Sr. Prisca who is a sister of the Congregation of Charity of the Precious Blood and some volunteers. We joined in serving the people as volunteers and worked together with Jesuits, sisters and lay people. Since the 20th of July, Sisters Sofi, Meita, and Merici have been helping to prepare food and herbal drinks to build the immune systems of the patients.

This mission was a moment when we experienced abundant blessings. We had time to extend our companionship with the other volunteers as we worked together and engaged in conversation. Many were eager to know our way of life and to get to know the three of us better. There was an unspeakable joy when we heard the patients were back to their health and were deemed safe to be with their families. Interacting with some funders who cooked and delivered the food gave us energy each day to do this mission generously and wholeheartedly.

This experience was such a great way to show God’s compassionate presence and to widen the circle of love (cf our 2019 Chapter Calls). The awareness that God is working within us and that God is healing the patients encourages us to give more without counting the cost.

Preparing meals at COVID recovery centre