Agnes, fcJ


‘I am, among all, most richly blessed…’

I was born in Banjarbaru (South Borneo) on January 30th 1969. I was the third child of five children of Mr. Victor Samosir (RIP) and Mrs. Mariani Marpaung. The seed of my vocation began to appear when I joined an altar girl group, an organist group and « Ascensio » children’s choir under Fr. A. Soetanta, SJ, at Fransiscus Xaverius Parish, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. The seed grew more and more when I was at Ursula High School, studied at Sanata Dharma Teacher Training Institute (now a university) and was involved in Christian Life Community (CLC). This precious experience encouraged me to join the FCJ Society, which name was still foreign at that time.

During the time of postulancy, novitiate, and temporary profession, I passed through a curving road which brought me to an understanding of life as expressed in Henry Viscardi’s reflection:

I asked God for strength, that I might achieve.
was made weak, that I might learn humbly to obey.

I asked for health, that I might do greater things.
I was given infirmity, that I might do better things.

I asked for riches, that I might be happy.
I was given poverty, that I might be wise.

I asked for power, that I might have the praise of others.
I was given weakness, that I might feel the need of God.

I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life.
I was given life, that I might enjoy all things.

I got nothing that I asked for, but everything I hoped for.
Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered.

I am, among all, most richly blessed.

It is this understanding of life which encouraged me to be courageous enough to say « YES » with all my heart and mind to the call to be a faithful companion of Jesus for my lifetime.

I continue saying « yes » daily and more consciously. The more I say « yes » to life, the more I am in tune with life and given abundant blessings of peace, love and joy.

One of big ‘yeses’ I have said is a ‘yes’ to be missioned to Myanmar. In 2009, together with two fcJs: Sr. Marion Dooley and Fransisca Arti Setiati (Sisca) we started a community in Yangon. Being in Myanmar, I have been blessed and privileged to experience the country transition to democracy.

As part of the local Church here, fcJs focus their mission on education and on human and spiritual development which were greatly needed here in Myanmar. I said « yes » to be involved in education…to empower a new generation to bring better change to the country.

I have been teaching part time at Indonesian International School Yangon (IISY) since 2010. Every year in April, FCJs organises a summer program to parishes especially poorer ones in Yangon Diocese. Our program focused on character building, creative and reflective skills through painting, dancing, ecological awareness, reading and dramas. Since 16th May 2017, we started a pre-school project in Dalla Parish.

As a Chinese proverb says: ‘A journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step’, I find that what I have done here in this Buddhist country is early steps of a thousand mile journey. And yet the most important in this journey is not the destination but the journey itself.

Agnes fcJ

It is a journey of being faithful and deeper trust in God’s loving guidance and gentle power especially in the midst of suffering, violence and fear as well as a journey filled with beautiful blessings of God’s faithfulness, love and peace.

Comment puis-je devenir une soeur FCJ?

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