Sr Madeleine receives a Catholic Calgary School District Community Shepherd Recognition

On November 1st Sr Madeleine was awarded a Shepherd Leadership award from the Catholic Calgary School District (Alberta, Canada). In particular Madeleine’s award was the Community Shepherd Recognition.

This award acknowledges the contributions of community members who most exemplify the qualities of a shepherd leader. Community recipients are compassionate towards students and work to establish positive and respectful places for those in our district. Our community shepherd leaders demonstrate a strong commitment to gospel values and a genuine concern for all. Recipients represent the many who make a difference in the Calgary School district and whose work with the district impacts the greater community.

The award committee justified Madeleine’s award as follows:

Sister Madeleine is a force of nature. She has made a tremendous influence on hundreds of students, teachers and administrators in our district. She has visited more than 40 schools to speak to students and educators alike about why our faith is such a gift and how we can nourish and grow in our faith-despite our busy lives. This is without a doubt Sister Madeleine’s God-given gift and talent and why she is so loved.

Since arriving in Calgary three years ago, she has been a true faith leader in our schools. She’s worked tirelessly to support administrators as they inspire their staff to become better Catholic educators; facilitated retreats for many students and staff; and provided one-on-one spiritual direction for those who seek it. She knows how to come alongside and meet people where they are in their faith journey without judgement. This allows people to open
and grow in their faith. She has also helped many teachers arrive at answers to the perplexing questions about our faith in a way that is manageable, meaningful and relevant.

Sister Madeleine knows how to listen, how to connect with students and she infuses humour and enthusiasm into every interaction. She puts her entire heart into sharing a passion for Jesus through storytelling, singing and music. With her acoustic guitar in hand and willingness to respond with joy, Sister Madeleine is as authentic as they come.

Congratulations, Madeleine!

() Sr Madeleine receives a Catholic Calgary School District Community Shepherd Recognition