FCJ Spirituality House – A New Beginning, A Year of Learning

FCJ Spirituality House newsletter

A message from Noirin Lynch, new Director of the FCJ Spirituality House in Spanish Point, Co Clare, Ireland

The FCJ Spirituality House is the summer home of the FCJ sisters who have loved to visit Spanish Point for generations. Now – in a spirit of great generosity – they would like to share their home with the wider community through spiritual moments, enjoyment of the natural beauty of creation, and the lifting of spirits with music, art and poetry.

As we find our feet in this new development, we will begin with day and evening events for locals and visitors. Residential events will follow next year when we hope a full program will include 5 and 8 day Ignatian retreats as well as weekends and Saturday Oasis days. Our focus for now is to listen well to what people find supportive and accessible for their spiritual journey. We hope you find something of interest in the events planned for November and December, as we start our journey together here at FCJ Spirituality House!

Check out the November-December events at FCJ Spirituality House in the newsletter available here.