FCJ community in London with guests

Refugees at Home: Offering Compassionate Action

Refugees at Home is a UK charity which connects those with a spare room in their home to refugees and asylum seekers in need of somewhere to stay. London newspapers The Guardian and The Standard featured Londoners who have opened their homes to people fleeing persecution around the world. The hosts explained their reasons for welcoming refugees and among those interviewed were members of the FCJ community in East London.

Check the piece in The Guardian titled Hosting is the right thing to do: people giving shelter to refugees tell us why which features short interviews of Srs Gloria, Bernadette and Katherine and some great photos.

In The Standard piece, We’re like sisters: meet the Londoners who are hosting refugees this Christmas, writer Robbie Griffiths tells their stories of various generous Londoners who have welcomed people from Iran, Ukraine and El Salvador into their homes. It has a lovely photo of the FCJ community with one of their guests, Stefanie from El Salvador.

Find out more about Refugees at Home hosting programme.