There is Light in This Darkness


Submitted by Sr Cornelia, fcJ, from the FCJ community in București, Romania. Our FCJ Sisters in Romania are supporting Ukranian refugees by providing accommodation and basic supplies. 

On the third evening of the war in Ukraine, I watched the news with emotion. At some point a reporter spoke about her experience at one of the entrance points in Romania for the Ukrainian people. It was late.

She was in a tent with a few people. Two of the people around her were volunteers who travelled for 7 hours in order to volunteer their weekend and help in whatever way was needed. Five minutes earlier, a man was asking at the door of the tent if there were people needing a place to stay, announcing that he was able to take three people into his home and accommodate them. A lady was waiting for her son, who was living in Belgium, to come and take her and others who were hoping to travel and join their relatives in countries like Italy, France, UK.  Many NGOs and individuals are in solidarity with Ukrainians and are uniting to offer help to Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war.

These were the words of the reporter:


There is light in this darkness! It is like the Light on Easter night!


Photo by Ana Puerta</small