Widening the Circle of Love

FCJ General Chapter Calls Widening the Circle of Love

A general chapter is always a key moment for each FCJ sister as we take time to look at our individual lives and our life as a group across the world so that we may be led by the Holy Spirit into the future.

The 2019 General Chapter was held in FCJ Christian Life Centre,  Calgary from the 4th October to 31st October, inclusive of a preparatory retreat of six days. To get a flavor of the Chapter experience and what happened during the Chapter, check out the  General Chapter News page.

The Chapter has called each sister to respond to the Spirit in specific ways during the next six years through a document called Chapter Calls: Widening the Circle of Love.

As we FCJs — individually, as local groups and across the Society — live into and work with these calls, we hope that our FCJ Companions in Mission, families, friends and colleagues will also find meaning and inspiration here.