Christmas with Children in Manila

From the FCJ Manila community 

After two years of no Christmas Party, we were able to gather again the children from the neighborhood in our community with the help of the college scholars. Almost a hundred children participated in it, those who have faithfully been following the tutoring programme. We had two separate groups, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Our living room was fully decorated and the theme was ‘Candyland’. The college scholars presented tiktok (this is a social media platform for creating and sharing short videos through dancing, singing, lip-syncing and comedy) and interpretative dance. The FCJ Sisters performed Christmas songs.

Another part of the program was giving recognition to children who attend regularly the tutorial activities. Certificates were given for Best in Attendance, Best in Math, Best in Art, Best in English, etc. The gathering would have not been complete without Santa Claus giving joy and gifts (school supplies and food) to children.

Let us continue to spread love, joy and peace to our world!