My Favourite Path

Sarasvita FCJ Centre Yogyakarta Indonesia

Some thoughts from Sr Clare, fcJ in the Yogyakarta FCJ community at the end of the Season of Creation.

A simple path leads from the back of our house to the office of Sarasvita, our FCJ Spirituality Centre. This path is rich in oxygen and to walk along it is to be bathed in cool, clear fresh air. I love this short walk.  On my way to the office I enjoy the rich feast of oxygen and prepare myself for whatever lies ahead.  As I walk home I breathe in and out deeply and leave behind anything I need to let go of.  I often pause for a few moments to gaze at the plants, to touch some leaves or to breathe in the fresh smell.

Each time I walk that path I give thanks for God’s amazing generosity in providing all that is needed to sustain life.


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