Senior Citizen’s Month

Submitted by the sisters working in the team at the FCJ Learning and Development Center, Manila

In the Philippines October is the month dedicated to remembering and honouring the elderly residents among us.  In the FCJ Center we celebrate the Senior Citizens each year in a different way.  This year there was a competition to find the “World’s Best Lola (Grandmother) Ever”!!

The event took place in the basketball court which had been beautifully decorated for the occasion by Zeny, one of the FCJ Center staff.  The three winners dressed up in gowns for their coronation and were accompanied by their grandsons who acted as escorts.  Their families and friends were so proud of them.  The grandchildren of each of them performed a song or dance and then a young girl sang a serenade in their honour.  Many people joined in this happy event.  We recognize how much we owe the elderly members of the community, many of whom have made so many sacrifices for their families over the years and continue to do so.  Their example of resilience and generosity is an inspiration to all. Mabuhay mga lolo at lola!! (Long live grandfathers and grandmothers!)