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    Faithful Companions of Jesus in the Area of the Americas

    An introduction to the Faithful Companions of Jesus and to their ministry in the Area of the Americas, created by Michelle, fcJ


    A life of Marie Madeleine suitable for younger children. Text and illustrations by Srs. Gloria Calabrese fcJ and Cecilia Connolly fcJ.

    Life of Marie Madeleine (in cartoon format)

    Life of Marie Madeleine in cartoon format.

    Paintings on the life of Marie Madeleine

    Paintings taken from the life of Marie Madeleine by Rosemary Yelland, OP

    One Woman’s Life, Many Women’s Stories

    Compiled by Mary Campion McCarren fcJ. A retelling of the story of Marie Madeleine interleaving it with the stories of contemporary women.

    Suster Sahabat Setia Yesus (FCJ) Indonesia

    Sekilas tentang Kongregasi Suster Sahabat Setia Yesus (FCJ).

    Women on Mission: The FCJ Sisters in Indonesia

    A video showing the mission and ministry of the FCJ Sisters in Indonesia (English subtitles).

    Sister Lynne on Apostolic Religious Life

    Sr Lynne fcJ talks about her lifestyle as a sister Faithful Companions of Jesus. Clip from a longer video (Nat Office for Vocation in the UK © 2014)

    Slideshow based on quotes from Marie Madeleine

    Prepared by Jonathan Leach, chaplain at Bellerive School FCJ, for use during the week preceding April 5.

    Mission and Ministries in Asia Australia

    The introduction for a series of videos on the Mission and Ministries of the FCJ sisters in Asia Australia.