A Million Blessings

By Lynne fcJ, first appeared at FCJ Sisters Blog

The last few days have seen a mini heat wave in the UK (2 days!!) and today the showers are back. I love to watch the leaves dripping in the sunshine after the rain has passed. It makes me feel hopeful.

Today I realise that the summer has brought a many blessings to me – of laughter, peace, rest and friendship. Space and freedom, joy and reflection….beauty, calm, gratitude… These blessings came quietly, without ceremony or planning: a bud opening on a rose bush, ripe tomatoes on the vine, rain and sunshine on my face, sharing deeply with friends.

Magnificat of Gratitude  – Ann Johnson (adapted)

Count them, my spirit, and be grateful.
Count the wonders one by one,
each drop of rain, each kiss,
each kindly word, each rose and garlic bud.

Observe them, my soul, and give thanks.
How many times have you been redeemed?
How many breezes blew clouds away?
How many seeds burst into life?

For all your universal wonders, we praise you.
For all your showering benefit, we thank you.
For all your daily miracles,
we murmur gratitude.
Generation after generation you continue blessing.

Blessed are you, Giving God,
Benefactor of heaven and earth in every age.
Your name is Generosity.
You convey wonder and miracle
day after day to the earth and its people.
To you we lift our hearts and voices
in this prayer of gratitude.