Forever: Final Vows – Meita and Hartini

The celebration of Hartini and Meita’s final vows was beautiful. It began with a prayer of thanksgiving on the evening of Friday 18th May. Seventeen FCJs from various parts of Asia-Australia were present to celebrate this happy occasion. The following day was bright and clear. Family members, friends and colleagues and representatives of local church groups streamed into Sarasvita FCJ Centre, some two hundred guests in all. Meita and Hartini had chosen readings and hymns that expressed their desire to bring the ‘living water’ of Christ to others. We were carried along by the joyful atmosphere. The Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Andrianus Sulistiyono MSF, Meita’s nephew. At several points in the homily we laughed out loud, yet the points made were clear: only God can give us the grace to live the commitments we make and because of this we must never let our prayer run dry. Hartini and Meita made their vows in the presence of Judith; their witnesses were Paola and Clare; and Irene and Yustin. After the Mass we enjoyed a delicious lunch of traditional food served in the grounds of Sarasvita. The FCJs gathered again that evening to enjoy being together. It was a lovely day.