New Book: Discerning the Gold in Human Experience

Book cover: Discerning gold in human experience

Congratulations to Sr Christine Anderson fcJ on the publication of her book Discerning the Gold in Human Experience: Leadership, Faith and Organizations.

Christine founded Faith and Praxis for Global Leadership in Rome, Italy and Craighead Institute of Life and Faith in Glasgow, Scotland. As an experienced Facilitator and Organizational Consultant, Christine has worked in many countries of the world. Her passion is the integration of Life and Faith and she is constantly developing methodologies for groups to address this area of life.

Sr Christine explains:
“This book takes the form of a series of experiences and experiential methodologies. I have journeyed with many African, Asia, Oceanian, and European colleagues and participants for the last thirty years. My focus now is to share the methodologies and processes with these peoples who have enriched my learning, my thinking, and my faith. I hope that, in doing so, the readers will be inspired to reflect on their own experiences and discover the treasures within themselves”.

When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, Christine answers, „The courage to ask their own questions. The belief that they have the resources within themselves to fulfil their dreams and respond to some of the complex questions of today.

My passion has always been to find a way to integrate life experience and faith, values, and beliefs – seeing them as one human story and avoiding the fragmentation wrought upon us today by so many complex systems. Throughout all this work, the desire was to work professionally, deeply, and effectively with people who come from different faith backgrounds with different values and beliefs in areas struggling for development and wholeness.


Check the book’s info page for more info including a table of contents ( Join a book launch by UISG on Friday 17 September 2021.